Mutual Fund assured (MFG), also named “formula funds” belong to the loved ones of Undertakings for Collective Investment in Transferable Securities. In contrast to traditional mutual fund, MFG to offer their subscribers a partial assure of returns on total capital invested.


The MFG is a mutual fund assured that supplies the subscriber to recover partially or totally their invested capital. MFG is also named “formula funds” simply because it also permits the investor to advantage from the functionality of a benchmark index (an index of shares) and the functionality is calculated making use of a mathematical formula. As a result, the MFG is a sort of assured return of capital invested (like bonds and bank deposits) but providing considerably improved returns. The principal quantity is assured though the threat (doubt) is only on the interest portion.


There are two forms of Mutual Fund assured:

  • A fund that has normal whose most important objective is to offer certainty to investors that they will be in a position to recover all or component of their invested, though enjoying the functionality of a benchmark index which will choose their price of return.

Let us see an Instance:

A mutual fund assured that on maturity just after five years, the money-in to the investors will be 100% of the capital initially invested (Principal quantity) plus 70% of the principal will be enhanced by 40% enhanced till maturity..

  • A fund that permits for fixed maturities and permits advantage to investors from the functionality of an index or the functionality accomplished by the investment fund on that date.

Let us see an Instance:

This fund on maturity of four years, the money-in to the investors will be 100 % of the capital initially invested and 100 % of the larger asset values calculated at every finish of the year.

Period kind investment N+1 N+two N+three N+four

Asset worth of investment (100%) at the finish of the period 105% 95% 120% 115%

From the above table we can see that the worth of asset (investment) at the finish of 1st year was 105%, at the finish of second year there was loss and asset valuation was 95%, at the finish of third and fourth year the asset valuation was 120% and 115% respectively. At the finish of 4 years, the investor will be reimbursed on basis of finest of returns accomplished in all of 4 years, corresponding to the period of finest functionality, ie 120%.

The modus operandi of investing in this fund is comparable to that of ETF funds and mutual funds.

Interest on Investment

In contrast to a traditional mutual fund, a mutual fund assured permits the investor to safe all or component of its capital and / or to get a portion of the functionality (optimistic ) realized by the fund.


Investing in a this fund has some drawbacks for the investors:

  • The principal portion of the investment which has is a safe portion of the investment has the liquidity.
  • When stock markets execute properly, investors who has invested in this fund schemes could not get the as fantastic returns as their counterpart mutual funds. This is simply because the mutual fund Manager has a freedom to invest the principal on a lot more speculative stocks in expectation of improved returns. But this Fund assured fund Manager will like to invest only in much less risky investment choices.
  • When the investor desires to acquire its units ahead of the maturity period, the assure clause is no a lot more valid and and extra charges becomes applicable.


Taxation in mutual fund assured will be comparable to debt linked mutual funds. Most capital gains are topic to earnings tax and social safety contributions.